About Us

Parliament Translation is here to cover all your interpretation and translation service needs. With experienced translators and interpreters around the globe, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality service and fastest turnaround time. Whether you need to translate a birth-certificate or a brochure,


Document Translation

( $26.99/page) $18.99/page
*$59.99 minimum

Enter Number of Pages
* $18.99

In-Person Interpretation Services

Pay by the hour:( $79.99/hr) $69.99/hr
* $69.99

10 hrs = ( $699.00) $629.00
20 hrs = ( $1399.00) $1139.00
40 hrs = ( $2499.00) $2099.00

Please call (877) 599-2359 for extended commitments and all other translation services.

Translation Rates

At Parliament Translation, our goal is to bring you the highest quality service at the lowest possible rates. Translate any document at just $18.99 per page! For all other jobs, please email us for a free quote at dgreenberg@parliamenttutors
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