About Us

Parliament Translation is here to cover all your interpretation and translation service needs. With experienced translators and interpreters around the globe, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality service and fastest turnaround time. Whether you need to translate a birth-certificate or a brochure,


Interpretation Services

With experts in over 50 language combinations globally, our interpreters provide interpretation for conferences, seminars, negotiations and meetings. We have interpreters available for your individualized needs who are not fluent speakers, readers and writers, but also have a grasp of the relevant subject matter.

Document Translation

Our Parliament-certified translators provide the highest quality document translation and proofreading services, enabling our clients to communicate accurately around the globe. All translation and proofreading work is completed by professional translators with relevant industry experience.

Certified & Notarized Translation

Parliament Translation can handle all your certification needs. We will return a soft copy of your document immediately upon completion and send you a notarized hard-copy via first-class mail.

Website Translation

Our translators can work directly on your source file and ensure at the content is translated accurately and in a localized fashion. Appropriately communicating with your audience is so crucial to your website, so we will have a native Parliament translator prepare your content accordingly. We know your local customers and will work to ensure that your translated website truly connects with your target audience.

Software Translation

Our software localization engineers can translate your digital products into over 100 languages. We handle every step of the process from downloading the software files to translating your support documentation. To speak with a multi-linqual software professional, please give us a call today.

Medical Translation

At Parliament Translation we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality medical translation services in specialties that include anesthesia, primary care, and pharmaceuticals. Our medical translators come from a diverse background and are familiar with the content at hand.

Legal Translation

In a world where people, organizations, and businesses interact at the global level, the legal systems of different nations different nations can come into play and translating contracts, deeds, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and other legal documents has become a necessity. Parliament Translation is committed to bringing you the highest quality translation services with the fastest turnaround times at the most competitive price.

Multimedia Translation

Multimedia translation, including the translation of on-screen and dubbed text, recording and post-processing, and integration of the finished product, is a highly sophisticated process. Our translation professionals use modern studio facilities for vocal, subtitle and other all other multimedia localization.

Translation Rates

At Parliament Translation, our goal is to bring you the highest quality service at the lowest possible rates. Translate any document at just $18.99 per page! For all other jobs, please email us for a free quote at dgreenberg@parliamenttutors
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